Tuesday, June 8, 2010

6/7/10 Pawtucket Red Sox 7, Louisville Bats 2

Louisville Slugger Field, Louisville, KY
(Game 4 of 4)

The Bats try to close the 4-game series with the Paw Sox with a Win, but that just didn't happen. Still, a wonderful evening for baseball, augmented by our unseasonal heat wave; tonight I was joined by my youngest daughter Chihiro. Our first Bats game together (as a family) ended too soon for her when she fell in the bathroom between innings and had to get stitches. This meant she missed the fireworks; the Bats were generous enough to reward us with tickets to another game, but the Bats lost and no fireworks. Many years later, she returns - no Win, but no trip to the hospital this time!

PAW 7 9 0
LOU 2 9 0

Unlike the first Chapman outing I witnessed...his performance tonight was a complete and concise study in uncontrol; 7 earned runs in 2 innings and I felt like Rick Sweet waited far too long to give him the hook.

Led by the effective delivery of Felix Doubront, the Bats were cold tonight - Castillo managed to drive in a run with a bases-loaded single; Alonso responded in the 6th with a solo HR to center field. The Paw Sox had the Bats' number with 3 consecutive innings (1-2-3) that consisted their runs scored for the evening...every single run was charged to Chapman. That pretty much means the number they had was 1-800-AROLDIS.

Chapman delivers!

Reviewing Bat Chat before the game, to my surprise I found that former Cubs hitting coach Gerald Perry has found a place on the Paw Sox staff. Better than that, former Royal Tug Hulett was in the lineup as DH. A couple of old farts sat down behind us, one with a Royals shirt, and with glee I honored the presence of a fellow Royals admirer. Unfortunately, he wasn't as thrilled as I was...I thought I could at least get a 'hey now' when I excitedly informed him that Tug Hulett would be playing in the game, and again, all I received was a complacent shrug. This yahoo and his companion proceeded to watch a Jonas Brothers concert they had recorded on their cellphone during the middle innings. I guess a Royals shirt doesn't automatically guarantee class!

Tug Hulett's 2-run HR pitch...

Yonder Alonso AB, Doubront fires

Alonso at 1B, holding Lars Anderson

Tonight's promo was Baseball Bingo...lotsa fun, Chihiro was only one number away from winning (I didn't do so well). I'm sure lots of parks do this, but this was my first time at LSF or anywhere else.

Just for yucks, I picked up an extra scorecard for Chihiro, a rather inexpensive memento of our visit (besides the obligatory souvenir soda purchase)...in a flattering moment of pleasing her crazy dad, she decided to score the game along with me...I can't express how proud I was of her, especially hearing how much fun she had scoring when the game ended!

Chihiro is scoring the game!!!

We balanced our scoresheets together upon returning home; and her scorecard is displayed proudly in our family room today.

Chihiro's completed Scorecard:

Official Scorecard and Bat Chat

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