Tuesday, May 12, 2009

5/11/09 Atlanta Braves 8, New York Mets 3

Citi Field, Flushing, NY

What was expected to be a raging Pitcher's Duel between Johan Santana and Derek Lowe (with Santana the undeniable ESPN favorite) was one of an unfortunate series of great performances by Santana with no offensive or relief pitching backup from the rest of the Mets. The game was tied when Santana left with Kelly Johnson on base and 1 out, the inning ended with 4 pitchers in the frame and ATL up by 4. The Mets never recovered.

ATL 8 15 0
NYM 3 9 3

I took exception to 2 rulings by the official scorer, but this is my scorecard so my rulings stand:

Throwing error by Castillo (NYM 2B) allowing Y. Escobar to reach in the 3rd inning was ruled a hit, I called it an error.

Passed ball by Santos (NYM C) allowing Kotchman to advance in the 9th inning was ruled a WP, the playback clearly shows Santos had his mitt in the right place, the ball tapped his mitt as it flew by, I called it a Passed Ball.

The game was called on ESPN by Dan Shulman, Steve Phillips, and Orel Hershiser. Orel is starting to annoy me as much as Joe Morgan - his diatribes on how pitchers are holding the ball and what they are trying to do add no value to the commentary. Once, that's fine; but the guy sits there with a ball wedged in his fingers and goes over tracing the lacing while I'm trying to watch the action. Hang it up.

I scored this game February 2010.

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